As of January 2012, I have moved to live with my partner on the South Island in New Zealand. I am pleased to offer remote healing and guidance sessions for my clients in the UK and other parts of the world. The joy of remote sessions is you can enjoy some healing from the comfort of your own home. All sessions include consultation and feedback.

Crystal Therapy
is an ancient technique used for thousands of years which is fortunately beginning to make a comeback as a valued method of natural healing.  It involves the placing of crystals and gemstones on key points of the body to help release blockages in our energy flow and strengthen the system.

Energy Healing
promotes relaxation and stress-relief by using universal energies to bring the body back into equilibrium. Having trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, I have developed my practice to incorporate different frequencies of universal healing energies.

Star Crystal Therapy
is an advanced form of crystal therapy which uses clear quartz crystals that have been attuned to the energies of the stars. This is a very powerful, quick and effective form of healing. Combinations of the Star Attuned crystals are used to work on energy clearance, energy flow, removing healing blocks and soul healing..

If you are feeling like you could embrace more relaxation in your life or guidance on your own path, I can take great care to work with you at your own pace in a supportive and relaxing environment to restore calm and balance to your everyday living.